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What is Optimization


Tyler Bike Abu Dhabi

2014 has started off in the right gear for several of the UltraFast Optimization athletes. They have already earned four wins


We are excited to announce that we will continue our sponsorship of Ironman World Champion Frederik Van Lierde in 2014. We're proud to be on the road with him... read on


What Freddy says,

 Since February 2013 I've been using UltraFast chains; no need to tell you 2013 has been my best year ever!  The couple of watts I gain by using the chains make a huge difference for me.  Frederik Van Lierde, '13 Ironman World Champion

What Matt says,

 On race day I would never be caught using a regular helmet and regular chain. I use an aero helmet and an UltraFast chain in every Ironman race. To me, an UltraFast chain is just as important as an aero helmet.  Matt Russell, '12 Ironman Canada Champion

What Danielle says,

 Having my chain treated by UltraFast Optimization I go into every race with the confidence I will have the most effective and efficient chain on the race course.  Danielle Kehoe, Pro Triathlete

What The Don says,

 Worth every dollar. When it comes to free speed this has to be at the top of your list.  Tim Don, '06 ITU World Champion

What Cari says,

 UltraFast Optimization provides a service that optimizes my equipment which gives me the confidence that that variable has given me an edge over my competition.  Cari Higgins, 17x USA Cycling National Track Champion

What Colby says,

 UltraFast chains helped me set a US Master's hour record in Colorado Springs in 2013. If you want to leave no stone unturned in your quest for speed, UltraFast chains are the way to go.  Colby Pearce, 14x USA Cycling National Track Champion

What Liz says,

 A few watts saved by an UltraFast chain improves my Ironman bike split by precious minutes. This can be the difference between winning or not.  Liz Blatchford, '13 Ironman Cairns Champion

What Kristian says,

 In an age when training and racing have gotten so specific in order to gain 5 or 10 watts, the advantage of gaining this free energy through efficient equipment choice is invaluable.  Kristian House, '09 British National Champion